Lake Fishing

Whether you are a complete fishing novice or serious about getting out and exploring, Durras Lake is a host to some of the most productive, isolated and serene fishing on the South Coast.  Durras Lake is a unique estuary surrounded by Murramarang National Park, it lays claim to the most unpolluted water way on the east coast of Australia, producing some amazing catches of estuarine fish species.  The more common fish that you would expect to catch in Durras Lake include: –




black-breamBream – most commonly are the Southern Bream




– most commonly Dusky Flathead


blackfish-LuderickBlackfish – also known as Luderick



– both small school mullet and the illusive sea mullet















When fishing in the Durras area either Ocean or Lake remember you are required to hold a NSW fishing licence (some exceptions may apply).  For further details on licences and regulations regarding sizes of each species and bag limits click here.

Lakesea Park is bordered by the pristine waters of Durras Lake and it is this final stretch of lake before the entrance to the ocean which is one of the most productive fishing areas of the system. The Durras Lake system is a clean unpolluted water way supporting a wide and varied chain of marine life. Not only popular for fishing, Durras Lake is good for prawning, crabbing both blue swimmer and muddies and collecting drift oysters at different times of the year. Durras Lake is a typical coastal estuary that opens to the ocean at times of high rainfall and closes naturally in dry periods. History of Durras Lake openings!.  The estuary is primarily a shallow water way with the average depth being 1.7m, the deeper sections of the lake being around 7m in depth.  You can view Durras Lake water levels by clicking here. The Lake extends approximately 6 km with a total water area of 3.214 km2.  Increasingly popular on the lake are sit-on-top kayak fishing craft, perfect for Durras Lake often providing access to areas of the lake which are unable to be accessed by larger motorised boats.

Durras Lake is part of the Batemans Bay Marine Park established in April 2006.  There are areas in the upper sections of Durras Lake set aside as sanctuary zones to ensure marine life can continue to thrive and reproduce.  These areas are clearly marked by yellow marker buoys.  All other areas in the Lake are zoned as Habitat Protection Zone allowing all normal recreational fishing.  For further information on the Marine Park and zoning on Durras Lake click here.  If you are unsure on where to fish or want to know what is “on the bite” do not hesitate to drop into Lakesea Park’s reception for some local knowledge from our friendly staff.

Hope you enjoy the experience of fishing on Durras Lake and share your experience with others.  If you have any pictures or video that you would like to post on our Fishing Brag Board drop an email to  Please remember whatever you take fishing make sure you take away with you.