Durras BeachStonies BeachDurras Surf BreakWatching the Durras WavesLakesea Caravan Park located at South Durras is a great location for surfers of all levels and abilities. For the novice there are protected areas in Durras to catch smaller controlled waves or for the experienced surfers some great-uncrowded quality reef, beach and point breaks to blow the mind. The park is situated a stroll from one of the most consistently surfable beaches in the area. Durras beach is a very open beach and collects swell from any direction. The beach size and position provides surfers with great consistent banks that are often left un-surfed. From Broulee (20 minutes South of Batemans Bay) to Durras there are over one hundred beaches and surf breaks that all fire on various swells and wind conditions. Beaches from Malua Bay back toward Batemans main centre are more protected from direct swell but will all crank on the bigger days. Mackenzie’s, Rosedale, Tomakin river mouth, Pink Rocks, Broulee and Moruya wall are all classic breaks that will regularly have waves if you are prepared to look. Local knowledge is always the key to unlock some of the Durras secrets spots. With mountainous backdrops, untouched sand and crystal clear water you will agree that a quick paddle will be an unforgettable experience. Durras area has a sea temperature of between 16-22 degrees depended on the season. Year round waves and wind conditions will change with predominantly North East winds in the summer months and Southerly winds in winter. Swell size and consistence is something that is not to seasonal but usually winter months will produce larger southerly swells. Hope to see you out in the water. Remember good surf etiquette is a great way to the share waves with the locals. Lessons are available from a local surf school that operate on Durras Beach or Cookies (next beach) for bookings contact Graham on 44786297 or log onto

Lakesea Park is situated on Durras Beach. With average climate temperatures of around 25c in summer and 18c in winter, swimming is great all year round.

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