Batemans Bay Ocean Fishing & Fishing Charters

Fishing on the Lake

Lakesea Park holiday park near Batemans Bay on the south coast of New South Wales provides easy access to ocean or beach fishing. You are guaranteed excellent fishing whether lake, Clyde river and estuary, beach, rocks or deep sea, and Lakesea Park provides the accommodation to suit every need and close to pristine, unpolluted and highly productive fishing waters.

Whether you plan to fish off the beach, in a tinnie, kayak, rock hopping, or an ocean hunt for big game fish, Durras is famous for rewarding anglers with the most diverse and generous fishing on the East Coast! Charter, out on your own, or with a game fishing club, this is the perfect area for keen fishermen who like to be rewarded with a fine and often memorable catch—perfect for the photo album!

The coastline off Durras is famous for rewarding anglers with some of the most diverse and generous fishing on the East Coast. Whether it’s just off the beach, in a tinnie, kayak, rock hopping, or heading out far and wide for some big game fish, Durras will produce!

Boat Fishing in Durras

Fishing in the Ocean

Batemans Bay south coast boat charters are available at excellent rates, or you may want to launch your own boat off the newly refurbished ocean boat ramp at the southern end of CookiesBeach.


Beagle Bay stretches from Point Upright in the north to Wasp Head in the south and is predominantly a sand basin where the Big Sand Flathead are plentiful. Venturing from the shelter of Beagle Bay will place you in the centre of the best Snapper grounds on the coast. Broken seabed with good gravel, the area is a proven hangout for the much prized Big Snapper and a host of various reef fish.  The area from Pebbly Beach to North Head (excluding the North Head Sanctuary Zone) has an abundance of superb fishing year round, and local knowledge is provided to unlock the hotspots when you want to target specific fish.

A short walk across the dunes from Lakesea Park will place you in the middle of Durras’ main beach. Stretching for 3km, this beach produces excellent fishing year round.  It won’t take you long to spot a nice gutter and bag a Bream, Tailor, Salmon, Whiting or Flathead. The illusive Big Jewfish can be caught in these gutters during the late afternoon or early morning. Durras main beach is open to the ocean and is excellent for worm and pipis bait.

Contact our knowledgeable and friendly staff for further information with regard to best accommodation and further information.

 Further maps, bait and fishing info are always available at Lakesea Park in South Durras.

Key safe boating tips include:

  • You must comply with all NSW Maritime requirements including the new lifejacket rules.
  • Ensure your vessel is seaworthy and fuel tanks full.
  • Ensure the vessel is fully equipped for emergencies.
  • Know how the safety gear works and where it is stowed.
  • Let someone know your expected time of return. If going out to sea, advise the local coastal patrol as you leave.
  • Take plenty of food and water.
  • Wear non-slip shoes and take raincoats and warm clothing.
  • Use a tide chart and check the weather.
  • If a front approaches or the weather changes suddenly head back to shore.

 For more information on safe boating and safe fishing, please visit NSW Maritime and Safe Fishing. 

Rock Fishing in Durras

Rock hoppers are really in their element here in Durras.  The rock platforms in this secluded part of the coast are still producing fish numbers reminiscent of years gone by.  Murramarang National Park has kept a magical section of coastline unchanged, unpolluted and untapped by tourism.  Low traffic counts combined with unsealed roads out to North Head have resulted in an area that will have you gobsmacked for its raw natural beauty and fishing that will see your return guaranteed!  

Going rock fishing
Fishing, especially rock fishing, can be dangerous. Follow these basic safety tips at all times when rock fishing:

  • Never fish by yourself.
  • Inform others of your plans.
  • Wear light clothing & appropriate footwear.
  • Carry safety gear.
  • Fish only in places you know are safe and never fish in exposed areas during rough or large seas. 
  • Observe first, fish later.
  • Plan an escape route in case you are washed in.
  • Stay alert – Never ever turn your back on the sea – if the waves, weather or swell threaten your fishing spot then leave immediately. 
  • Ask for advice from locals who know the area.
  • Do not jump in if someone is washed into the water.

Durras Beach Fishing

Direct from Lakesea Park a short walk over the dunes will put you in the middle of Durras’ main beach.  Stretching approximately 3km in length this beach continually produces great fishing year round.  It won’t take long to spot a nice gutter and bag a bream, tailor, salmon, whiting or flathead.  For the more patient angler the illusive big jewfish are caught in these same gutters usually late afternoon or early mornings making a memorable picture to take back home. Durras main beach is very open to the ocean and is excellent for beach worming and gathering pipis for bait.