Depot Beach Seashore Walk

This walk is recommended for the entire family. It is packed with points of interest throughout.


Many of us walk along beaches and around rocks, yet whilst taking in the overall beauty of the sea and the shoreline, we often miss many of the interesting and fascinating things along the way.


At Lakesea Park, we have developed a set of informative notes for your observation, aimed not only to make this walk enjoyable, but to also open your eyes to a higher level of environmental awareness not previously experienced.

Point UprightView from Point UprightForest on Point UprightLooking back towards Durras Lake & South Durras

Our recommendation: “A must for every visitor to Lakesea Park.”


When the Lake is open, it is recommended that you drive to North Durras to commence your walk on the northern side of the Lake’s entrance.


Check on the open/closed status of Durras Lake..



Depot Beach Seashore Walk Map



Printable brochure of the Depot Beach Seashore Walk