Park Activities


Children’s Playground

Located central to all park amenities with plenty of fun and adventure for ages up to 12 years is the exciting modern children’s playground.

The new playground features 2 x FREE electric BBQs so you can cook up a storm while the kids play.


Park Grounds

All roads in the park are limited to walking speed.  Kids are welcome to ride bikes, scooters, skateboards etc around the park provided they wear helmets, and are under adult supervision where necessary.


There is a shared footpath along Durras Lake Road and a Skate Park at the end of the road that these may be used on.



During School Holidays and Long Weekends relax and catch a movie in the state of the art Cinema Complex with full cinema quality surround sound. Entry to the cinema is through Lakesea Park’s camp kitchen.

Movie schedules are posted daily in peak seasons and are tailored to entertain adults and children alike with latest release to DVD movies.

Movies are FREE to all Lakesea Park patrons.

Click for more information on Lakesea Park’s cinema.



For those patrons who like to shoot some hoops, Lakesea has a half basketball court located adjacent to the tennis court.  Baketballs are available for hire from Lakesea’s reception with a security deposit required, refundable on return of all equipment.



A  half cricket pitch located at the southern end of the park adjacent to the Tennis and Basketball courts where you can have a hit with mates, or get in some practice on your bowling or batting.  Lakesea has a cricket set available for hire at reception with a security deposit required, refundable on return of all equipment.



Lakesea has a selection of other ball, card and board games available for hire at reception.  A small security deposit is required, refundable on return of all equipment.  Games include: bocce, rugby balls, card decks & quoits.