Durras CreekLakesea Caravan Park is situated a short stroll from the magnificent Durras Beach (otherwise known as Beagle Bay).  Surfing, swimming, diving, fishing or just relaxing; Durras Beach has it all at your doorstep.

Durras Main Beach is approx 3km in length from the lookout point at the Southern end to Point Upright to the North.

Often divided by the Durras Lake entrance, locals will refer to the northern section of the Beach as North Durras Beach and the section south from the lake entrance as South Durras Beach.

Durras Beach - Northern End          Durras Beach - Southern End

The beaches’ open direction to both Southerly and Northeasterly swells provide a relatively consistent surfing beach.


Safety in Rips The beach can be dangerous at times to unwary swimmers as with all open beaches rips will occur and so supervision of children is paramount.


Other beaches in the local area such as Cookies (5 minutes South from Durras Beach) provide a safer protected beach for younger children or beginner surfers.


For more information on Beach Safety click here to visit the Surf Lifesaving Website.

The nearest patrolled beach from Durras is at Surf Beach, located approximately 20 minutes
drive away in Batemans Bay.

Numerous other beaches in the Durras area that are within Murramarang National Park are shown on our
“Coastline Walk”.

Durras Beach - North End & Durras Lake Entrance